'discovering how internal narratives create and define external conversations.'

'Whether you believe it (yet) or not, each of us are natural born storytellers. It’s for this reason that storytelling underpins all that I do.'

- Juanene Frydman -
executive coach

Hello I’m Juanene Frydman

It’s pronounced Zha-neen Freedman and yes, when we meet I’ll share some of the crazy mispronunciations of my name that I’ve heard.

Feel free to call me J – most of my friends do.

I’m an agitator of staid stories and behaviours. I combine the study of human behaviour and archetypal patterns to create masterclasses and coaching environs that support my clients in the design of their desired future.


‘Simply put, the stories we tell create the actions we take and the emotions we hold.’


My book is out!


‘Damn, I can’t believe that I’ve done [or said] that again!’

Do you find yourself saying this fairly often? If so, the information in this book will enable you to identify the situations, people and events that push your buttons and skyrocket you to a reaction you inevitably regret. You’ll understand why you do what you do when someone or something triggers you in ways that up to now you’ve been unaware of or have believed you have under control.