A week of unexpected delight – my version of Valentine’s day.

A week of unexpected delight – my version of Valentine’s day.

Given that I’ve always rejected the notion of Valentine’s day; far too commercial for me. Why on Earth would someone choose to only recognize another person on one day a year or worse, on a day that primes most relationships for failure?

“They weren’t the flowers I wanted!”

“Priscilla got a trip to the Maldives, and we’re going to Durban!”

“Why can’t you get a hint; I left a trail of clues for you!”

The stores are filled with colours of red and pink and touches of white and silver.  Jewellery stores start their ‘subtle, not subtle’ marketing to unsuspecting suitors early January in the guise of new year specials.

Florists are punting the significance of red roses and of course the obligatory box of chocolates and fluffy bear, to join all the other bears that get packed away or donated after this commercial event.

And again this day got me thinking about why is it that we spend so much attention on expressing our love to another on just one day.  And what would it look like, sound like, feel like, if we expressed our love daily.  And what if we expressed our love to ourselves first. Daily.

And this got me thinking.

How might I show me a little love? How might I see the love in everything and everyone around me for a whole week of ‘Valentine’?

I love acts of service first and foremost. Empty the dishwasher when you see that the cycle is done.  Take the dog for a walk, even if it’s not your turn.

Gifts are somewhere on the list but not high up … Quality time is more important for me than a gift that your secretary bought for me ‘cause she’d like it herself.

But I had to become clear on what ‘love’ is important for me, for now, and then communicate it to the people who I love and care for and equally be clear on what and how they want me to love them!
And then let it all go.  ‘Cause being seen, being truly loved by another for who you are, that’s what it’s all about.

Imagine my delight when I was loved in a myriad of way this past week.  Each of them so special that my heart smiled.

I have new clients in my diary

My new corporate branding is coming together and I’m loving it

I’ve got a photoshoot booked with an incredible sister team who I already feel so supported by

The handyman whose services I’d only used once before, came out in the pouring rain to fix my indoor rain feature

Load-shedding hasn’t impacted me as it usually does

I’ve woken up at 04h00 to meditate and have been more energized than the days that I wake up at 05h00

My ex-husband brought me a beautiful bunch of lilies – of my favorite favorites

I’ve said no, and meant no and not waivered

Every day stuff you may say, but to me it’s been a wonderous week of seeing love in the most unusual places.

Perhaps when we change our story about love, about how it should be, from whom it should be and remove the constrictions we place on it, perhaps then we unlock the magic of everyday love … the love that is constant, that doesn’t have a colour to it or a plush toy dangling from it … a love that says simply ‘this is me loving you’.