Shocked. Gutted. Scrambled thoughts. Nauseous.

 I’m curious.  How do you deal with rejection?  What’s your story about rejection and the time that it happened to you?

 I recently pitched to a potential new client.

 I spoke of the one-degree of stretch change that we’d seek to attain and sustain.  I spoke of the enneagram and the shift that it makes possible for each of us, for teams, for organisations. Of how it allows us to shift our story and therefore shift our sh#t. I told stories around the concepts of the types.

 I spoke from the integrity of me. 

I asked for questions. None were forthcoming.

 I didn’t see it coming.

Now what?

 I could have chosen to sink into my story of not being good enough when the ‘thank you and no thank you’ mail dropped.

Instead I leaned into what I know.

Feel the emotions.  They’re valid. All of them.

 I asked for feedback.

Not what I expected.

They didn’t experience me as an authority in my field.  They didn’t hear or feel the credibility of who I am. They didn’t see the benefit.

 I’ve looked for the reframe.

Great learning. It’s gotten me into action as to who I want to work with and why.  It’s made me become crystal clear as to my offering in the world. And more importantly, it’s begged me to become confidently arrogant around my worth, my value.

 And now, a few hours later, with gratitude, I’m able to say: ‘thank you for the clarity that your rejection has afforded me’.

Rejection.  An occasion to learn.  An opportunity for growth.