Juanene facing camera

About Juanene


I’m passionate about a lot of things (thanks to my Italian heritage) and one that really lights up my world is storytelling and more specifically the impact of the stories we tell.

#TheStoriesWeTell: shift your story, shift your sh#t is the title to my book launched in 2020. It speaks to the nine core narratives that we are exposed to and the interplay of these stories on our actions, emotions and language.

Disruptor  |  Liberator |  Ideator

Storytelling is in our DNA.  It’s engrained into the very fibre of who we are.

Our stories or patterns though are transparent to us, not dissimilar to the way that water is transparent to fish. It’s only when we are in ‘conflict’ with the story that we have the opportunity to change it.

Unlocking the power of storytelling is key to understanding the role we play in hampering or expediting our personal growth. Whether this be our self-imposed limited thinking, the habits that we gravitate to or the range of emotions that have become our go-to playground.

As a disruptor and liberator of stories, I support my clients in the discovery of their unconscious narrative that their new expression of self is aligned to their ultimate self.


‘Our identities are generally so closely tied to what we do in the world, not who we are so when that which we do is ‘taken away from us’ our worlds are disrupted.’