' when our language is set free from words that bind and limit, we become empowered and motivated to live expansively '

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the process that supports you, the client, the space to become the neutral observer to your current reality.

When you become aware of the stories that you’re telling about yourself and that which is around you, you’re empowered  to take action to redefine, recalibrate and reconfigure your future.

Juanene Frydman

When is the best time to hire a coach?


Think about it like this: when is the best time to work with a relationship coach?  The simple answer is do you wait until your relationship hits the skids and then frantically look for a therapist OR are you proactive and when you deem the relationship to be ‘serious’, that you engage with a therapist or relationship coach in the desire to grow your relationship from the healthy place it is.

Are you my client?

My clients range from women in corporate, to co-founders of startups, to leadership teams (and individuals) in the social enterprise arena to academics.

My clients are as diverse as pasta!

The common thread is that my clients are both individuals and teams who are courageous enough to challenge the status and who want to determine new ways of being and doing life and that through the coaching that they have the insight and wherewithal to redefine, recalibrate and reconfigure a future that is relevant and authentic.

What is my approach?

I combine decades of the study of human behaviour including archetypal patterning, core motivations from the enneagram and the science of ontology into a practical approach that is unique to you.

What do we coach about?

You decide that.  And these of some of the trends that my clients worked with in 2020:

  • Determining personal and professional fulfilment
  • Working with impermanence
  • Developing a healthy mindset
  • How to remain connected with team members whilst working remotely
  • Growth mindset
  • How to lead authentically
  • Leading in a complex landscape
  • Creating psychological safety for employees


I went into coaching not knowing what to expect and I soon realised Juanene’s ability to listen and interpret me was exactly what I needed. She is excellent in her delivery of feedback, which is authentic, challenging, firm and kept me accountable at all times for my own self development. I believe that whilst coaching with Juanene has been for a defined time period, the high quality conversations and investment of time by both of us has positively impacted my approach, brand, and introspection.
My coaching experience is something that I carry with me on a daily basis in my career journey and would definitely recommend Juanene as coach.

– Senior Manager Financial Sector SA

‘Juanene clearly has a wealth of business experience to draw on, and this she uses skilfully and compliments it with the latest research and thinking that provokes you to question and aspire to be a better person.

If you’re looking for an easy time, then Juanene is not for you as she is extremely perceptive and is prepared to tell it straight, however, if personal growth and development are your aims, then Juanene has all the attributes to guide you to a better place and above all – it’s fun!”

-Head of Project Portfolio Management Group of Companies UK

‘Juanene has a rare gift of asking the most insightful questions to encourage you to dig deep in exploring previous experiences and personal values to create your own solutions.

While she is generous in offering reading materials and various coaching models, the real benefit of working with Juanene is that she fires you up to be incredibly committed to the actions agreed at our meetings.’

– Global Resilience Expert UK

‘I attribute a lot of my success to having had Juanene as my guiding light through the biggest change in my life- moving from the old me to a new version that was just waiting to be unleashed.

I have been promoted to the Head Of Innovation and I am able to own my space with more confidence and looking for ways to create spaces for other females to rise.’

– Head of Innovation Financial Sector SA

‘Juanene e’ stata la mia coach per alcuni mesi durante il mio ritorno in Europa nel 2020. È stata sicuramente un’esperienza importante e con grandi benefici per me sia professionalmente che personalmente: con le sue domande e riflessioni mi ha aiutato ad identificare i cambiamenti necessari e definire delle strategie efficaci per metterli in pratica progressivamente.’

– Chief Technical Officer – Social Enterprise

– My Clients –