' Daring dialogue is the conscious space that I create for you, my client, where you are able to be human.'

Daring Dialogue

Daring dialogue is the conscious space that I create for you, my client, where you are able to be human.

To take off the mask.

To speak of your fears, where none are considered to be insignificant.

To speak of the trauma that you’re holding and hiding.

To explore biases that you’ve held so emphatically, without question.

To develop the ability to listen deeply to perspectives different to yours.

To hold the willingness to be wrong.

Together we seek solution in a framework that strongly encourages courage, ‘the ability to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart’, the mindset of curiosity and the fallibility of being human.

I’ll admit that I’m first in the queue to get indignant when my tightly held assessments and assumptions are punctured.

Talk about ego-bruising.

“Descend d’un étage” is the expression that comes to mind and one that my daughters are known to use when telling me to ‘get off my high-horse’.

Only when we are willing to ‘climb down a stair or two’, are we open to engaging in conversations where we are able to let go of our right/wrong opinion and instead explore concepts of both/and, rather than either/or.

There are supposedly conversations that shouldn’t be spoken of like sex, politics, religion, and money.  And yet, if we aren’t supported in our homes to speak of ‘such things’, how do we build the muscle to engage with these in the ‘real’ world?

Back in 2015 the top 3 toughest conversations in corporate were:

  • asking for a pay increase (specifically women);
  • addressing inappropriate behaviour from a colleague,
  • and feedback on poor performance.

Today’s are possibly similar and yet there is definitely a strong element of “trauma of the unknown”.

‘I’ve lost my job and I’m caught in fear’; or ‘I don’t know how much longer I can keep up the brave-face mask’; or ‘I’m feeling overwhelmed in the space of not knowing what’s next’, or ‘the space of disconnection is killing our team’.

We can all do with a space to be heard, to be challenged, to be encouraged to step out of old paradigms and into new.

Are you ready?